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All About ME!

I have a journal that I write in every day to put my feelings in. The reason I do this is so I won't get angry or sad. But if I feel happy i'll be happy. I'm reading a book called " The Feelings Book" it's kinda helping me. Let me just tell you 1 thing the reason i have a video of a comedian dancing is cuz it's funny. I have some really nice friends. One of their names are Maya. She has really curly hair she told me that she wants to be a Vet when shes older. Well I want to be a Figure Skater or a Teacher. My other friend Jada is cool except on pj day at school she wore hello kitty. I wore pink kitties and Maya wore mixed PJ's. But still my bestfriends are really cool. I'm not sayin that my friends are not cool ok. I have two loving parents.

My Stepparents    

I have a stepdad & a stepmom. My stepdad has Cancer. He's a survivor!  Now I have a 12 year old stepsister & a 16 year old stepbrother. My stepmom has already had baby now I have a 20 month old lil sis. She already talks and walks!

    The Rest Of My Family
Well I get a NEW cousin Cuz MY Aunt Jelly is I think is getting married and they may be having TWINS! Is'nt that COOL and ya know what I think they are gonna be GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can not wait. Now we are gonna talk about MY cousins that are already ALIVE! Well my OLDEST kid cousin is in 4th grade I beileve and I think he's 10. I really do not know much about Ayars. Now on MY MOM'S side of the family I have a 6 year old cousin and he's IN Kindergarten. His name is Harrison he's also VERY hiper! Now we are gonna talk about Aunt Jelly & Uncle Peanutbutter (Jenny and Lenny) Jelly IS 31 but i do not know how old peanutbutter is. Well thats a LITTLE about MY family.